Five kids remain trapped inside their school bus after a mysterious creature blocks their way and kills the bus driver. It‘s night, they are alone in the middle of a deserted street and their chances of getting out alive are getting slimmer and slimmer with every passing minute.

Jack Kane


17 years old. Shy and introverted, he loves to read and listen to music. He uses his headphones as a shield from the outside world and a way to focus, or run away from, his thoughts. This terrifying adventure however brings out an unexpected inner strength, leading him to take charge of the situation and unite the group.


Zak Sutcliffe


16 years old. He’s the school bully - a rebellious spirit who doesn’t care about the rules. He lives with his mother and is waiting for his father to be released from prison. The absence of a father figure has fueled a deep anger and distrust of the world, keeping any sort of vulnerability well hidden. The extreme danger of the situation he finds himself in with the group forces him to trust his companions and to cooperate with them.


Sophie Oliver


17 years old, she is a dreamer with a natural tendency to take care of others. She loves to draw, and dreams of becoming a famous designer, however her family’s unstable financial situation always kept her feet on the ground. Her father is a farmer and her mother a housewife; simple, honest people with deep values that they have humbly transmitted to their daughter.

Molly Dew


17 years old, a smart girl and model child. The rigorous education imposed by her mother meant that she’s always had to excel at everything she does - at school and in life - and the general absence of her father in her life, an army general, has also left a void. It is in part thanks to her cunning and intelligence that the group manages to overcome the dangerous threat that is hunting them.

Zanda Emlano


17 years old, of South American origins, he hides his true character behind a show-off, loud exterior. In reality he is a coward and nothing like his brother, a brave and determined policeman, that he looks up to more than anyone. His character is put to the test by this unexpected and dangerous turn of events, forcing him to pull out that courage that he never knew he had.

David Keyes

Pedro Minghella


Mino Caprio

Mino Caprio


Terence Anderson

Terence Anderson